Crossarc Chute (2013)

Audio CD release on 15 April 2013 on the label Entr' acte

Crossarc Chute (2012), black marker drawing

CD Edition of 200 copies

Mastered by Andreas [LUPO] Lubich at
Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

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Crossarc Chute’s four pieces use digital manipulation
of pulse sounds to create austere arrangements of
digital noise and high-pitched fizz and hiss. The final
track’s climax is all zapping lasers and synthetic wasp
buzz; the subsequent near silence feels profoundly
empty after the chaos that preceded it, as if your
powers of hearing have cracked under the pressure.

Rory Gibb in The Wire - September 2013 issue

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Crossarc Chute listed as one of "best albums of 2013 so far" by FACT Magazine (June 2013)

Selected again in a new list for the whole year by Steve Shaw for FACT Magazine (December 2013)



Car Window (2010) on framework250 branch edition

Phantom (2006) for Technical Breakdown exhibition catalogue, Aux, Copenhagen



Poke-oke Music for Headphones 1-5 (2002)

One extended improvisation session during which each of the five artists recorded a part thereof
with binaural microphones, with or without the other members, or even the same location.

Poke-oke John, Mark, Martyn, Mayumi and Sebastian

Self-released. Limited edition and sold out.
Design by Sebastian Campos