Background to process
Letters that have been made public on the Internet as well as own personal ones
(received and "written"), were translated into abstract sound via a special software.
The use of cut-up techniques, whereby words and paragraphs were mixed up, resulted
in not only surprise content, it created new sound forms too. These letters were sometimes
subjected to further processes of manipulation. The resulting sounds were also treated
to two particular filters, yet all in exactly the same way.

This process finally produced a chart of letter configurations, as can be seen below.
The chance element was maintained as much as possible throughout its development.
Each block therefore acted as a kind of score for the program.

(58 minutes, 2010)
Print size of chart: 112 x 106 cm

First broadcasted on Radio X, as part of the Universal programme, Frankfurt, April 2010


I Cannot Speak Italian

A sound play in three parts involving the juxtaposition of electroacoustic
sounds with comical foley-like doorbells, footsteps and upbeat, vocal extracts
of postmen taken from a language course.

Presented as part of radio epode, the radio programme for auditory epode
on Radio Papesse, a project curated by Tobi Maier as part of Manifesta 7, Italy.

(12 minutes, 2008)