Aloft from Alow

Aloft from Alow (Grasp), 2012

Solo show and performances (2012)
at Kai Middendorff Galerie, Frankfurt

This work is inspired by Herman Melville’s
book Billy Budd.

In the key scene of the novel, the
protagonist, a sailor, is falsely accused
of a crime. In his shocked desperation
to defend himself verbally, he stutters,
makes strange gurgling sounds, and fails.

The film contains found slides from
the 1950s, drawings of bankrupt airline
logos and sounds.

It also exists as a performance using
an overhead projector.

Special thanks to Kai Middendorff.

My thanks to Elli Ferriol and Achim
Lengerer for their initial invitation to
provide an experimental version of
the performance at Frankfurt University
of Music and Performing Arts in April 2012.

Aloft from Alow video

Four slide images:

 Aloft from Alow (No.14)   Fine art pigment print, 20 x 20 cm 
 Aloft from Alow (No. 2)   Fine art pigment print, 20 x 20 cm 
 Aloft from Alow (No. 13)   Fine art pigment print, 20 x 20 cm 
 Aloft from Alow (No. 3)   Fine art pigment print, 20 x 20 cm